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Memphis Sport ShootingAssociation

We are a 185 acre range that is open (7) seven days a week and we are devoted to the training of our members in a safe and proper use of firearms for sporting purposes. Our hours of operation are from 8:00a.m. to Sunset.

Weekley Events April 21-May 11

MONDAY – April 21st -      

TUESDAY –April 22nd- 4H Club BB 7pm  

WEDNESDAY April 23rd -         

THURSDAY –April 24th – Legacy Outdoors        

FRIDAY – April 25th – Muzzle Loader Trap/Skeet

SATURDAY – April 26th- Muzzle Loader Sporting Clays, Muzzle Loader Dinner, Benchrest Practice 8-12, SCTP Trap, Arlington Flea Sale

SUNDAY – April 27th- Muzzle Loader Trap/Skeet, Ironsight Pistol Silhouette 9am, .22 Pistol, Benchrest 600 IBS SOY

MONDAY – April 28th -      

TUESDAY –April 29th- 4H Club BB 7pm  

WEDNESDAY April 30th -         


FRIDAY – May 2nd – Flea Market

SATURDAY – May 3rd- Flea Market, Sporting Clays, Bullseye, Benchrest 600 Possom Hollow

SUNDAY – May 4th- Flea Market, Cowboy, Benchrest 600 Possom Hollow

MONDAY – May 5th -        

TUESDAY –May 6th- 4H Club BB 7pm  

WEDNESDAY May 7th -         

THURSDAY –May 8th – Marine/Navy Trap

FRIDAY – May 9th

SATURDAY – May 10th- Cowboy, IDPA, XTC

SUNDAY – May 11th


Temporary Rules for Action Pistol Use

Because of ongoing work and weather, the areas to shoot may change on a daily basis. Club management will determine which bays will be available daily. It is the shooters responsibility to adhere to these decisions. 

We are going to open the action pistol area on a limited basis for all qualified members. Shooting will be limited to draw and shoot at designated target, no movement with a loaded weapon, even if it is done by  previously established rules under use in normal times...

Shooters should set target so that all rounds go into berm if a target is missed. Targets should be placed on stable ground. Do not slide in mud. 

If shooting where there is straw on ground it is the shooters responsibility to use mats to capture empty rounds, do not leave hulls on ground. 

Shooters should dress appropriately. Rubber boots, rain wear pants are suggested int he muddy areas. 

The club is doing all that is possible to get our AP shooters back in action, please try and be patient. 

Do not park in shooting bays. Do not park where ground is damp. 

If a shooting area is roped off, the bay is closed. 

Call before you come to the club for AP condition. 


Weekley Events April 14-20


April 14th   -  April 20th

MONDAY – April 14th

TUESDAY      -   April 15th-

WEDNESDAY -April 16th

THURSDAY -April 17th

FRIDAY - April 18th

SATURDAY-April19th–Smallbore,CowboyHP200,USPSA-Multi Gun, Bullseye

SUNDAY-    April 20th -      CLOSED         

Front Gate Lock Has Been Changed

The lock on the front gate to the club has been changed. If you have an old key you can request a new one in the clubhouse. 

Action Pistol Dates

The projected date for opening the Action Pistol range is April 12th. This date may have to be pushed back in order to facilitate rain and any other unforeseen circumstances. Make sure to monitor the website for updates. 

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Memphis Sport Shooting Association, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization devoted to the training of its members in a safe and proper use of firearms for sporting purposes.

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